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Gallery Folders

Bloody Mary  cosplay - 2 by Dokura-chan
Sole Survivor by niinasusanna
Heroes of the Storm - Master Sylvanas (5) by Feyische
Follow me human! (Lineage II) by spirosk-photography
I do not pay attention to the folders
Cosplay of the month contest
Cyborgs Industries Female Phantom by SeedDestiny
Piper - Teaser by NobleLunatic
Lacus Clyne by bdrc
Houmei by fabiohazard
Cosplay of the month winners
I will take what is mine! by TrishaLayons
How many wonders can one cavern hold? by LoliSakura
No seat for you by yamihoshi123
Avatar Korra and Asami - Cosplay Photography by CorneliaGillmann
Icon Contest
Tiara by Lady-I-Hellsing
Reimu Hakurei - Tohou Project Cosplay by Koneko-chaaaan
popstar ahri~ by Misachico
Owari No Serpah - Krul tepes Cosplay by sakykeuh
Themed Icon Contest - Winter and Christmas
Rozen maiden cosplay - reaching you by sakykeuh
Joy Of Christmas~ by Misaomi
Adventure Time
Hyooman - Adventure Time - 04 by briste
Ice Queen Adventure Time by Gerlequine-Seigen
Adventure Time: Blizzard by Aster-Hime
Marceline the Vampire Queen by 2ravens
Alice in Wonderland 'inspired'
I've seen the fire by Zhenya-Chan
White Queen * Alice in Wonderland * Cosplay by Alice-Kingdom
Alice, Late but Lucky by MaDeath90
Alice Liddel by MaDeath90
Assassins Creed
Elise de la Serre 2.0 by LilyBW
Elise de la Serre: Moment of silence by exifri
Assassin's Creed: Poster time! by exifri
AC Rogue : Don't keep me waiting by y-o-s-s-i
Attack on Titan
Poppies - Eren Yeager by CommanderErik
Poppies II - Eren Yeager by CommanderErik
Mikasa Ackerman - Shingeki no Kyojin by Rocchan94
Ymir by MarinaArens
Avatar - Legend of Korra
Korra (Avatar) fire-bending II by spirosk-photography
Axis Power Hetalia
Natalia (Hetalia) by Misachico
Beauty and Pain. by RhavanielCreations
Mad Moxxi by Rino483
Code Geass
CC. Code Geass by MarinaReIkO
Dangan Ronpa
Cosplay - Tsumiki Mikan by Evadoll
Now lemme see you milkshake... by RizzyOkuni
DC comics-movies-games
Speedy and Black Canary, Starcon 2016 by Shiera13
Dead or Alive
This is not the end of my battle... by CitrusHeartCosplay
Disney - Pixar
Tragedy's At Hand by The-MoonSquid
Dragon Age
Fenris by the-ALEF
Dramatical Murder
Blue Balloons by MagentaTeam
Astrid Hofferson - HTTYD2 by PakuPaku-Ru
Fairy Tail
Lisanna Strauss 2 by CapuChuPlay
Fate series
Vortex of Fate by MaslowskiPhotograph
Final Fantasy
Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy VII by UmiJenova
Free! - Hazuki Nagisa by Xeno-Photography
Game of thrones
GoT: Graceful by JuriaScarlet
Highschool of the dead
Higschool of the dead - Cosplay by KuroiZetsubo
New horns by Dead-Batter
Kantai Collection
Kantai Collection - Yuudachi by Xeno-Photography
Kingdom Hearts
Young Xehanort And Sora by KaoYoruse
Kill la kill
She is agitated and strange .... by FrancineCaroline
Come inside please by deaddarkness
League of Legends
LoL_Winter is coming by SoranoSuzu
Legend of Zelda
Link - Hyrule Warriors by TonyStrife
Love Live
Love Live! - Natsuiro Egao de 1,2,Jump Ayase Eli by Xeno-Photography
Magi the labyrinth of magic
Solomon x Sheba by chikarayousu
Marvel comics-movies-games
Marvel: Miss America Chavez by Amapolchen
Mortal Kombat
Sexy Kitana Mortal Kombat - Abdella by Abdella-Photo-Art
My Little Pony
The Gang (minus Twi and Rarity) by KuroSeirei
Temari - Naruto Cosplay by mirella91
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Evangelion- Rei Ayanami by Axilirator
One Piece
Come with me, I can cure you by Titsume
Cheers love!! by SalvadorBaggins
Owari No Seraph
Shinoa Hiiragi Cosplay by AliCosplay
Tropical Butterfree - Pokemon Gijinka Cosplay by mirella91
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Counter Clock World by MaslowskiPhotograph
Resident Evil
Claire Redfield  REV2 Terra Save cosplay VI by Rejiclad
Team R.W.B.Y by Hikaru-Ryuu
Sailor Moon
Princess Serenity - Sailor Moon Cosplay by mirella91
Harvesting ingredients by WhimsicalSquidCo
Soul Calibur
Viola - Soul Calibur V by Fin-Cosplay
Squatting at the Garbage (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. cosplay) by DrJorus
Star Wars
Arcann by Ruun
Street Fighter
Cammy White by Brynhild-Undomiel
Super Sonico
Super Sonico: Furyu Fairy Tale Series Snow White 7 by CookieKabuki
Sword Art Online
SAO II ~Death Gun X Shinon~ by dejikodaioh
Lili rochefort by Dropchocolate
The Witcher
Cerys - The Witcher 3 by Shappi
Tokyo Ghoul
'Do you like animals?' by AliceTheInsane
Rivendell Elf cosplay - Sage green dress IV by ArwendeLuhtiene
Tomb Raider
Lara Croft by GladenCosplay
vocaloid: the phantom song by ramirei
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft - Reshad cosplay by hurutotheguru
Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee [Macross Frontier] by kokoammm
Hello Fall by RobindV
That creepy smile by witch0fd00m
Comics and WebComics
Dejah Thoris by Jacqueline Goehner 02 - Abdella by Abdella-Photo-Art
Missy cosplay at Sherlocked 2016 - I by ArwendeLuhtiene
Double Nightmare. by MrCheshire
Altina by fabiohazard
On the Run~ by Justawaykitty
To war by MorganaBlackwings
Meme-Chan! by EstefyChoi
Ninja (Haru Loid) by HaruXHaru
Blink Dagger Prop - Dota 2 by SuspiciousTumbleweed
Supernatural: Dean by ThePartyvengers
Tutorial scale mail Loki - Agent of Asgard Part 2 by mailea-analia
WIP folder
Genos WIP - Almost finished by Rinkujutsu

Cosplay of the month winner

I will take what is mine! by TrishaLayons
I will take what is mine! by TrishaLayons won the September cosplay of the month contest!

Group Info

Cosplay-Station is the stop for cosplayers and cosplay photographers to share their work with others. We have a few rules we would like for you to keep to.

:bulletred:Only 5 submissions a week.

:bulletred:Check the folders before submitting. Some series have their own folders. Those show up first. If your series isn't in there then there are general folders underneath the other folders.

:bulletred:When you submit into the "I do not pay attention to the folders" folder your submission will be declined without reason. It should be obvious by the name why it was declined.

:bulletred:While we would like for everyone to be able to submit we do keep an eye on the quality. Really poor quality with no clear cosplay will be declined.

:bulletred:We need to be able to see who you are cosplaying. We do allow headshots but only a picture of your legs, for example, doesn't tell us anything cosplay wise and will be declined.

:bulletred:Multiple submissions of almost the exact same thing will be declined. Be creative with your poses.

:bulletred:We do not accept submission with abuse, self harm or glorifying disease or anything else harmful. This includes media that involves any of this.

:bulletred:Admin decisions are final. You can always ask why your photo was declined if no reason was given and we will tell you but the decision will remain the same.

:bulletred:We decide which photo's make it into the featured folder. You do not have to do anything for it other then submit into the right folder. If we consider it good enough for the featured folder we will move it in there. We post the new features every friday unless stated otherwise.

Those are the rules. Other then that have fun. Submit into the contest folders if you wish to try your hand at those and we also do birthday features so feel free to leave your birthday in the comment section of the birthday post.

Have a great day!
The Partyvengers
Founders of Cosplay Station
Founded 3 Years ago
Jan 28, 2014


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Common Interest

2,984 Members
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64,014 Pageviews
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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having a great day. The cosplay of the month contest folder is closed. Time to vote! Leave your vote in the comment section or by sending us a note! It's really simple just tell us the number of your favorite!

You can vote for three photo's!

There are a few rules regarding voting.

:bulletred: Only Cosplay Station Members can vote!
We do actually check this because we want this to be fair.

:bulletred: New members can vote but vote might not count!
Since some join just to vote we also check this. We can see when someone joined and if they have any activity in the group other then their vote. No other activity means we will not count the vote.

:bulletred: Do not vote for yourself!
The vote simply wont be noted.

:bulletred: We will tell you if your vote has been noted.
Don't receive a reply to your comment? Then it's probably because of the points noted above.

1.Pokemon - Charizard cosplay by hurutotheguru   2.'Do or do not. There is no try.' by itsL0KI   3.tainted love by Millenia666  4.We have a long way to go... by RizzyOkuni 5.I've realized what's important isn't tomorrow by Khymichi

6.League of Legends - Hextech Janna by TENinania  7.Drarry by Rinaca-Cosplay  8.Autumn Prince and Princess by MOTPhotography  9.Harley Quinn by FabioZenoardo 10.Frost Vs. Scorpion - Fight! by TammYTA

11.Repeat performance by Misachico  12.Song of Ice and Fire - Daenerys and Sansa Stark by Blue-colibri  13.Harley Quinn Arkham City Cosplay  by ScarlettFoxxcosplay   14.What's going on? Tell me, Zero! by SvenjaSabrina 15.Faye Valentine by ZoeVolf

16.Bunny Hoodie Girl by NatalyaLycan   17.Lady Amalthea by Asukauk   18.'... but you will not destroy me!' by Zhenya-Chan  19.Dragons roar - Elfia Arcen by Shiori-Lynn 20.Harry Potter - Gryffindor Seeker VIII~ by DashingTonyLima

21.Light of Meridian - W.I.T.C.H. by umi-ascoeur  22.Large Hammer - Ramona Flowers Cosplay by curiosityorarrogance  23.Soul hacker by Satomi-Tadashi  24.cosplay aida atoli from hack 1 by Lucy-Dark-Dreams  25.Krul Tepes - Owari no Seraph Cosplay by Koneko-chaaaan

26.Mystique. Marvel.Xmen by MarinaReIkO    27.Emilia - Protecting Her Smile by Eiloria  28.The Mad Hatter by Mana-Cosplay  29.Trees in Autumn by Mines-of-Moria  30.Rhaegar Targaryen, Lyanna Stark by Fealin-Meril

31.Battle Arrival by snowyblackrose 32.Houmei by fabiohazard 33.Lacus Clyne by bdrc   34.Piper - Teaser by NobleLunatic   35.Cyborgs Industries Female Phantom by SeedDestiny  
Only votes by Cosplay Station members count! Voting will be open until the 30th of October!

You can still submit into the icon contest until the 30th of October!

And you can still let us know your birthday in the birthday post.

Have a great day everyone
Founders of Cosplay Station

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